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    Company profile


    Beijing DianLianYu Technology Co., Ltd is a multiple company with department of R&D, Production and Sales. It has international certificates of ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000 and CCC. It has a lot of elite working in research department and management department. It also has advanced R&D center and production lines. From the establishment in 1999, it gains a lot of reputation in customers all over of China and other countries.


    DLY-TECH is based on Beijing Xinyuan Technology Park. It is professional in business of varies electricity meters and components, varies communication modules, electricity application software, transformers and components and so on. We have 3500 m2 work shop and 216 employees including 53 engineers. We have capability of 2M pcs electricity meters and it can be increased easily because of our professional teams. Our perfect testing equipments ensure our products’ accuracy and stability. Our target customers are utilities and electricity users. From the hardware to software, all products will go through an elaborate design and long-time running and tuning to verify their usability. They will help our customers to improve cost, management and create values.


    In Technical research and development, we focus on design and IP protection.

    We cooperate with independent R&D team and Univ. Research center to bring more ideas and experience to our R&D team to design more advanced products. Based on market data collection and analysis, we start our development project to ensure that our products have widely application market.


    In marketing, our company has target at whole domestic market and international market. The global sales network is basically established. At present, we have several sales centers in Chinese first level cities. And we have established market channels in south-east Asia, south Asia, Africa, Middle-east countries and so on.


    In 29th of June, 2016, company had first share reform meeting. Beijing DianLianYu Technology Co., Ltd is becoming a member of Chinese Stock Market.


    Our Major products: Single/Three phase conventional meter, Single/Three phase smart meter and AMI system; Single/Three phase prepayment meters and their system; communication modules; Vending system, billing system and MDMS; Power transformers; Transformers; Meter Box, etc.




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