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    Hold the first technical training meeting in 2018

    時間:2018-04-13 13:50:21 來源:本站

    Beijing DianLianyu Technology Co., Ltd.

    Hold the first technical training meeting in 2018

    In recent years, with the upgrading and expansion of the company's business, the technological content of each project has increased with each passing day. With the rapid development, in order to further enhance the companys overall scientific and technological knowledge level and promote the healthy development of the company, the first technical training meeting in 2018 organized by the companys R&D department will be held in 2018. It was held on April 9th. The training target for this training was technical staff of the

    company's related project team. 圖片1.png

    This training aims to promote the company's science and technology level, enhance the scientific and technological concepts of all levels of cadres and employees, so that all employees can quickly grasp the progress of the company's project, strengthen internal communication and improve the efficiency of collaborative work, the participants felt very deep, have expressed their desire to close Combining with actual work, we will strengthen the study of scientific and technological knowledge, improve our own skill level, and work hard to promote the companys overall construction.圖片2.png

       The training will be conducted in a comprehensive manner centered on corporate philosophy, product knowledge, technical support, and service specification. It will provide professional courses for onsite employees, and conduct in-depth training in group discussions, on-site disassembly and troubleshooting, and troubleshooting. The theory will be linked to reality. Allowing employees to truly improve their skills, integrate knowledge gained through learning and apply them effectively to solve work-related problems quickly. 圖片3.png圖片4.png圖片5.png圖片6.png

    The general manager put forward requirements and expectations for the employees who participated in the training. He hoped that everyone would earnestly carry out business training and study, make their own work plans according to the requirements of the company, adapt to the development requirements of the company, take the initiative to study, pay attention to practical skills, and improve their skills. The personal progress and the company's development are effectively combined, so that each employee grows and progresses together with the company and makes greater contributions to the company's development.


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